Mary Christofferson


Family Stats: Married to Eric for 30+ yrs, 2 children: Maris (23) and Marianna (22)

How long have you lived in this community? 16 years in October

What field or industry do you work? I am a computer analyst currently working for Xerox.  I have worked from home for the past 15+ years

One thing on your “bucket list”: Buy a new bicycle and join a biking club 

What’s your favorite comfort food? A good crusty crunchy sandwich with gooey sharp cheese.

If you could grow or raise anything at all what would it be? Garlic

In 5 words or less, why do you work to make the co-op a reality? Help local farmers sell product

Your signature dish and how did you learn to make it: Stroganoff.  I learned to make it myself. 

One of the first things you’re going to buy when the co-op opens: Spend a lot of money